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DJI has played a massive role in delivering drones to the mass market, but there was one noticeable hole in the range. With a sub-US$500 price and an amateur friendly feature set, the Spark is aimed directly at lightweight competitors from its Chinese rivals. How does it stack up compared to the Yuneec Breeze? ..Continue Reading DJI Spark vs. Yuneec BreezeCategory: DronesTags: DJI Inn
Cardboard is versatile stuff and, aside from packaging, has been used to make everything from a helmet to a bicycle, and even a church and guitar. The latest addition to the ranks is the Foldo Bebe, a flatpack cardboard baby crib that promises to be lightweight, durable, and green. ..Continue Reading Foldo Bebe lets you put baby to bed in a cardboard cribCategory: Around The HomeTags:
If you kick a ball along the ground, it will roll away from you – that's pretty basic science. But the world of quantum mechanics rarely plays by the rules we're used to, and now mathematicians have found that kicking a quantum ball might send it flying toward your foot instead. When a force is applied to them, quantum particles can move in the opposite direction, in an effect known as "backf
Top-tier tiny house firm Escape first unveiled the Traveler back in 2015 but has just announced a new, updated version called the Traveler XL Limited. Bigger and better than the original, the new tiny house also comes with more options and can sleep an impressive 10 people. ..Continue Reading Off-grid tiny house can sleep up to 10 people at a timeCategory: Tiny HousesTags: Home
Besides talking into a shoe, the most spy-like way to take a phone call is to just stick your finger in your ear. Last year the Sgnl made that possible using a watchband, and now we've seen the idea packed into a smaller wearable device: a ring. Orii allows you to field calls by touching your ear, thanks to bone conduction technology that sends vibrations through your hand to directly stimula
"I need to haul some old junk out to the dump; could I take your Mercedes?" Outside of maybe a few Unimog and Sprinter cargo van owners, few would have ever heard that question. But it's likely to become more common after the debut of the all-new Mercedes X-Class pickup truck. The mid-size X-Class combines the rugged off-road-ready attitude and bed-full of hauling space pickup trucks are know
Look upwards tonight and you might just see a new "star" streaking across the sky. A Russian CubeSat called Mayak (meaning "lighthouse") was successfully launched on Friday, and is set to be one of the brightest objects in the night sky...Continue Reading Russian "lighthouse" satellite enters orbitCategory: SpaceTags: CubeSat Launch Russia SatelliteRelated Article
The expansive webs of pipeline that sprawl beneath many of the world's urban areas serve as a literal lifeline for thirsty inhabitants, but we don't often think about how much is going to waste. According to MIT, an average of 20 percent of the water flowing through today's distribution systems is lost to holes along its journey, so researchers are developing a small robot that can be deposit
The US Navy has brought signal lamp ship-to-ship communications into the texting age. In a recent test, the guided-missile destroyer USS Stout flashed a message in fast light bursts across 250 ft (76 m) of water to the guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey tied up at a pier at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. It did this using a signal lamp retrofitted with the Flashing Light to Text Converter
It takes something special to stand out in the completely saturated Bluetooth speaker market these days, like say, taking the shape of a humanoid robot or a dining table. Then again, you could bear the name of an iconic instrument maker, like the very first set of Bluetooth speakers from Fender. ..Continue Reading Fender rocks into the Bluetooth speaker gameCategory: MusicTags: Blueto is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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