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High-profile Dutch architecture firm MVRDV has revealed plans for an unusual art installation/public viewing platform in the city of Den Helder, the Netherlands. Bringing to mind an oversized seesaw (or teeter-totter), the structure will gently rock backward and forward. .. Continue Reading MVRDV designs a SeaSaw for the sea shore Category: Architecture Tags: Art B
There are now various attachments that allow you to capture microscope-scale images with your smartphone. Unfortunately, however, the limitations of the phone's lens and image sensor mean that those images still won't be as good as those obtained by a lab-grade microscope. That could change, however, thanks to a recent advance in artificial intelligence... Continue Reading Artificial intel
A lot of cyclists now use smartphone-based navigation systems, which means their phones are up and running the whole time they're riding. So, what if they want their phone to still have some battery life left upon reaching their destination? Well, that's where the Battery Stem comes in... Continue Reading This handlebar stem adds a power bank to your bike Category: Bicycles Tags:
Timbercraft Tiny Homes, the firm behind the Retreat and Ridgewood models, recently completed a new tiny house called the Cedar House. Measuring 35 ft (10.6 m) long, the towable dwelling has the same level of craftsmanship as its predecessors and can also run off-the-grid with a solar power setup... Continue Reading Luxury tiny house sleeps up to four people off-the-grid Category: Tiny Hou
Whenever a medical implant is introduced to the human body, there's a chance that its surface will be colonized by bacteria. In some cases, such infections require the implant to be removed. It's recently been discovered, however, that coating implants with vertical graphene flakes could help keep that from happening... Continue Reading Bacteria-killing graphene flakes may prevent implant
Back in 2014, Sony released a new tablet designed to allow professionals to read and write documents without using real world paper. The Digital Paper tablet had an eye-friendly e-ink display panel and long battery life – but was pricey. The e-reader/tablet was updated last year to improve screen resolution, squeeze in more storage space and add NFC device unlocking. Now Sony Japan has ann
Methane is a significant cause of global warming, second only to carbon dioxide in its contribution as a greenhouse gas. Human activity is a major contributor to methane emissions, chiefly from the energy industries. According to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), the oil and gas industries alone release 75 million metric tons each year. In response, the organization is planning to laun
The Volkswagen Beetle is continuing to defy the laws of economics, being one of the hottest collectible car investments of recent times at the same time as being the most plentiful single model ever produced with 21.5 million cars sold. In the last three years, despite the collectible car market cooling, 36 of the 50 most valuable Beetles have been sold and there's no end in sight... Conti
For many of us, caffeine is a "catalyst" that turns us from sleepy zombies into functioning members of society, but now that may be more literal. Researchers from MIT and Brigham and Women's Hospital have used caffeine to replace the metal catalysts normally used in creating polymer materials, opening the door for drug delivery via chewable gels...Continue Reading Caffeine catalyst could make
Jeep has revamped the Cherokee for the 2019 model year, adding a new design, more interior room, and another engine option. The 2019 Cherokee is otherwise largely the same as the previous-gen crossover, which isn't a bad thing. After a week in one, we think it's a vehicle that is worthy of carrying the Jeep Cherokee name...Continue Reading Review: 2019 Jeep Cherokee stays the courseCategory: is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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