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Although only one percent of the population are affected by celiac disease, gluten-free diets have become a major food trend in recent years. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is a controversial topic amongst many researchers with up to 13 percent of people claiming to suffer from the condition. A new study is now suggesting that fructans, and not gluten, could be the source of many people's gast
Four years ago, the Dream Chaser's first glide and landing test ended in a crash after its landing gear failed to deploy correctly. Since then, the reusable spaceplane has undergone a complete refurbishment and finally achieved its first successful flight and landing on Saturday...Continue Reading Dream Chaser spaceplane successfully completes glide flight and landingCategory: SpaceTags:
Royal Enfield motorcycles have always been well-known for their single cylinder 'thump'. However, that thump will be joined by a 'rumble' as Royal Enfield unveiled a new parallel twin engine that will be fitted to its upcoming new models. It has been a while since a Royal Enfield has been fitted with a parallel twin which means the new lump has big shoes to fill. The engine has the typical

In a radical departure from the baking-hot, tin-roofed living quarters endured by ranch hands and shearers on cattle and sheep ranches since European settlement, Luigi Rosselli Architects took a novel, eco-friendly approach with this project...Continue Reading Award-winning Australian architects carve out a cool retreat for ranch workers Category: ArchitectureTags: Architects R
Palaeontologists have uncovered the remains of some of humanity's oldest ancestors along the fossil-rich Jurassic Coast in the UK. The team found two teeth belonging to rat-like animals that date back 145 million years, meaning they're among the earliest creatures on our particular branch of the tree of life to have been discovered...Continue Reading Newly-discovered rat-like mammals might be
For some time there have been claims that not only can type 2 diabetes be controlled by diet, but it can also be reversed, effectively curing the disease. Researchers at Yale University have now uncovered key mechanisms that could explain how a very low calorie diet can reverse type 2 diabetes opening up new targets for drug treatments...Continue Reading Yale study discovers how very low calo
Scientists at the University of Cambridge, led by Professor Jenny Morton, have discovered that sheep can recognize human faces. While you probably won't see any sheep taking the witness stand to finger criminals, the discovery came from a serious neurological study aimed at gaining a better understanding of neurodegenerative disorders in general and Huntington's disease in particular...Contin
Italian architect Renato Vidal has created a prefabricated foldable house that takes less than a day to install once on site. The M.A.Di home is an economic flat-packed housing solution that is not only sustainable, but designed to last and withstand earthquakes. Manufactured by wood specialist Area Legno in Italy, the M.A.Di home is built using CLT (cross laminated timber) to create a modula
Deep space probe, interstellar explorer, and envoy to alien civilisations, Voyager 1 has already racked up an impressive resume to which songwriter can now be added. Using data from the unmanned spacecraft, Dr Domenico Vicinanza, of Anglia Ruskin University and GEANT, and Dr Genevieve Williams, of the University of Exeter, have created a musical composition to celebrate the 40th anniversary o is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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