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Amsterdam residents are reported to be responsible for about 23 kg (50 lb) of plastic waste per person per year. Rotterdam research and design studio The New Raw says that the annual waste from every three residents should be enough to 3D print two big plastic benches for deployment in public places throughout the capital of The Netherlands. And it's printed a prototype called the XXX bench t
Canada's Studio North recently designed and built this appealing little A-frame shelter that sleeps up to two people. Named Birdhut, it's located in a forested garden in British Columbia, Canada, and features a novel facade that sports a dozen birdhouses designed to house a variety of local birds. ..Continue Reading This tiny shelter is for the birdsCategory: Tiny HousesTags: Building
Finding a comfortable place to sit while camping can be a struggle, and carrying a full-on camping chair while hiking to camp isn't exactly appealing. The PacBack Trio is a pretty clever solution to these problems, transforming from a light, portable air mattress into what looks like a comfy chair in seconds...Continue Reading PacBack Trio lightweight inflatable mattress doubles as a chairCat
With fuel accounting for a significant proportion of truck running costs these days, the quest for fuel efficiency has been attracting increasing attention. XStream Trucking's approach is to literally close the gap between the cab and the trailer at highway speeds...Continue Reading TruckWings spread at speed to reduce drag, save fuelCategory: AutomotiveTags: Aerodynamics Fuel
Archaeologists have unearthed some of the earliest evidence of winemaking in the world, dating back about 8,000 years. Excavations in the Republic of Georgia dug up shards of pottery from the Early Ceramic Neolithic period around 6000 BCE, which were found to contain the telltale chemical compounds of wine...Continue Reading Archaeologists uncork some of the earliest evidence of winemakingCat
While the Curiosity rover continues to explore the Red Planet, NASA is gearing up to launch its successor. The Mars 2020 mission is well into the testing phase, and now the organization has successfully conducted the first test of a supersonic parachute that will (hopefully) allow the craft to safely touchdown on Mars in early 2021...Continue Reading NASA conducts successful test for Mars 202
There is currently no single drug treatment for autism. Many doctors treat autistic patients with a variety of psychotropic drugs geared at managing their perceived antisocial symptoms, but this is reasonably controversial, especially in children. A new drug targeted at restoring an electrical signaling imbalance in the brain is showing exciting success in mice and researchers hope to move in
There could be hope for people who have to spend large sums of money on bottles of eye medication – no, the medicine won't be getting less expensive, but a bottle of it may last much longer. That's because scientists have developed an electronic microdosing system that's considerably more efficient than current technology...Continue Reading Microdosing tech means less wasted eye medicationCat
For many people, an electric bike makes sense for longer commutes, but it isn't needed for shorter jaunts or recreational rides. As a result, we've seen a number of kits that allow cyclists to temporarily turn their existing bike into an e-bike, by swapping one of its wheels with an electrified one. It's a pretty simple solution, although the Swytch eBike Conversion Kit may be even simpler an
Though more and more charging stations are being installed to support the growing number of electric vehicles quietly taking over the tarmac, many EV drivers still recharge overnight when electricity is cheap. That's fine if you have a garage, but inner city apartment-dwelling EV enthusiasts may struggle. Germany's Ubitricity has come up with a game-changing solution – giving ubiquitous stree is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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