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For the past year, NASA's OSIRIS-REx satellite has been on a solar orbit in our galaxy, readying itself for its ultimate goal of heading out to the asteroid Bennu, surveying it, and grabbing a sample from its surface. On Friday, Sept. 22, it will finally head off to its target with a little help from Earth's gravity...Continue Reading Asteroid hunter to slingshot off Earth's gravity this week
The fast, exotic sports cars and forward-looking concept cars really steal the limelight at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, but there is plenty on offer for truck and utility vehicle lovers as well. After walking through each individual hall, we've compiled a robust photo gallery of all-new pickup trucks, ultra-rugged 4x4s, Dakar vehicles and premiere SUVs. Here are the best trucks and SUVs of
The H15 ANC earphones from audio startup OVC rock a dual driver design to counter long haul discomfort suffered by many users of active noise-canceling head gear, and a massive 60-hour battery life. They were pitched to us as a better and cheaper alternative to the very capable, but quite pricey, Bose QC20 earphones. Intrigued, we agreed to take them for a test drive...Continue Reading Review
Even in the cutting edge world of skyscraper design, the Burj Khalifa stands apart. Officially opening in 2010, it remains the world's tallest building by a long way, and represents an amazing engineering achievement. To get the inside story on its design and construction, along with the unique challenges the project posed, we spoke with the Burj Khalifa's structural engineer, William F. Bake
Cassini might have been reduced to nothing when it burned up in Saturn's atmosphere last Friday, but the spacecraft has left a legacy of readings and observations that will be pored over for years. A set of images shared by NASA offer a taste of what's to come in terms of scientific discovery, along with a little window into the moments leading up to the unmanned probe's spectacular demise...
In the history of life on Earth, there have been five mass extinction events, with the most extreme example, the Permian extinction, wiping out some 95 percent of all marine life. Now, an MIT professor has analyzed the changes that took place in the carbon cycle leading up to these five main events – as well as dozens of smaller ones – and found that the end of this century could mark the tip
Porsche has an instantly-recognizable product on the road, but translating that to a marine vessel isn't necessarily an easy task. Having revealed renders last year, Dynamiq has turned the Porsche-inspired GTT 115 Hybrid into a reality, launching it ahead of the Monaco Yacht Show...Continue Reading Dynamiq GTT 115 superyacht takes its Porsche-inspired lines to the waterCategory: AutomotiveTag
Google is ramping up its efforts in the mobile space, with a US$1.1 billion purchase of HTC talent to play a key role in its development of smartphone hardware. The agreement sees Google bring HTC brainpower in-house to build Google products, while leaving HTC free to continue virtual reality and smartphone pursuits of its own. ..Continue Reading Google splurges US$1.1 billion on HTC smartpho
Astronomers have discovered a brand new type of object in our solar system: an active binary asteroid. That means the object, named Body 288P, is the first known hybrid of two rare types of asteroid: a binary that's made up of two rocks orbiting each other, and an active asteroid that acts more like a comet, leaving a trail of gas and dust in its wake...Continue Reading Hubble spots a strange
Back in June, the world's largest plane emerged from its hangar for the first time. Reactions varied from those skeptical about the design ("what an odd bird!"), to straight-up excitement over the innovative plane ("a stunning-looking aircraft!"). Now the team has crossed another milestone by completing the first round of engine testing, continuing the groundwork needed to get the beast into is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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