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As its name suggests, the Allswell Tiny Home was designed by Modern Tiny Living for Wallmart's Allswell mattress and bedding brand. It has a total floorspace of just 238 sq ft (22 sq m) and boasts a relatively spacious and light-filled bedroom that opens up to the outside with garage-style lifting doors. .. Continue Reading Allswell Tiny Home bedroom opens up to the breeze Category:
Chemotherapy drugs are effective at killing cancer cells – but unfortunately, they're also pretty good at killing healthy cells. Making these drugs more selective for tumors is a key area of research, and now a team at ETH Zurich has found a way to keep a common treatment – platinum nanoparticles – on target... Continue Reading New chemo drug keeps platinum nanoparticles on target for live
Current climate models say we're on track for some pretty drastic changes if we don't reduce our carbon footprint. But a new study has found a huge potential source of carbon emissions that are so far not accounted for in climate models: reservoirs of gases trapped at the seafloor, which could be released as the oceans warm up. And it's happened before, with the team suggesting that these
After teasing its first line of e-bikes in November last year, General Motors has today gone for the full reveal, showing off a pair of compact two-wheelers powered by an in-house purpose built electric motor... Continue Reading General Motors wheels out its first commuter-focused e-bikes Category: Bicycles Tags: ebikes Foldable bike General Motors
A fascinating study tracking thousands of people for 20 years has revealed an intriguing association between signs of chronic inflammation in middle age, and the development of memory and thinking problems in older age. Alongside offering an important new risk factor for cognitive decline later in life, the research suggests treating chronic inflammation at a younger age may act as a preve
A team of Canadian scientists has developed a fascinating new experimental drug that is purported to produce rapid improvements to both mood and memory following extensive animal testing. It's hoped the drug will move to human trials within the next two years... Continue Reading New experimental drug rapidly repairs age-related memory loss and improves mood Category: Medical Tags:
It was just this Wednesday that we heard about a non-toxic flame-retardant solution created by scientists at Texas A and M University. Well, researchers at Switzerland's Empa institute have also come up with one, that could be used to keep wood and wood-based building materials from burning... Continue Reading Non-toxic solution is claimed to make wood fire-resistant Category: Good Thinki
After making its first flight in 2005 and entering commercial service in 2007, the Airbus A380 double-decker jumbo jet proceeded to become the flagship aircraft of the Emirates airline. This Thursday, however, it was announced that Emirates has reduced its latest order. As a result, Airbus will cease deliveries of the A380 in 2021... Continue Reading Airbus to cease deliveries of A380 in t
Ordinarily, when we hear about robots or other devices that are able to independently navigate outdoors, it's a given that they use GPS. French scientists have developed an alternative, however, in the form of a six-legged robot that navigates like an ant... Continue Reading Ant-inspired roving robot eschews GPS Category: Robotics Tags: Aix-Marseille Universite Ants
Fujifilm has announced a follow up to its X-T20 APS-C mirrorless camera from 2017. The X-T30 is essentially a cheaper and slightly less feature-packed version of the X-T3 mirrorless camera launched in September, 2018... Continue Reading Fujifilm keeps it light and compact with X-T30 mirrorless camera Category: Digital Cameras Tags: FUJIFILM Mirrorless Cameras is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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