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The Aston Martin Vantage debuted in 2005, but a steady stream of new engines, gearboxes and special variants – coupled with its timeless exterior design – has kept it looking fresh. Now, the smallest Aston has been treated to a rework from the new AMR department. Along with its more powerful engine options, the Vantage AMR gets a unique look and race-inspired goodies. ..Continue Reading Aston
We've all experienced sleepless nights when we have something on our minds, but new research has shown that insomnia isn't necessarily just about what's going on in your head. In the search for a biological mechanism behind the sleep disorder, researchers in Europe have identified seven genes that increase the likelihood of developing insomnia, proving that it isn't solely a psychological con
Rigid steel-and-plastic robots have their place, but some applications require a softer touch. Already in development are light-powered tiny caterpillars, chemical-powered squishy octopi, and a robot with a firm body and soft legs that can tackle tricky terrain. Now, a Harvard team has created a similar semi-soft robot inspired by insects that is made using drinking straws and moves by inflat
Following on from its success introducing travelling bicycle cafes to the world, the innovative Swedish company Wheelys has now produced a concept convenience store named Moby, that can travel around to various locations within a city. Initially designed to be piloted by a driver or via remote control, the ultimate goal is to have individual Moby stores operating autonomously, travelling from
Way back in 2006, scientists discovered a compound that could induce skin tanning in mice without exposing them to cancer-causing UV light. Now, after 11 years and ongoing trial-and-error, those scientists have reworked their approach to trigger the same response in cultured human skin, something that could make for a safer way for sun-worshippers to achieve a bronzed look...Continue Reading
Some higher-end cars are now equipped with systems that use sensors such as built-in cameras to detect if the driver is getting drowsy. While that's great if you own one of those vehicles, what happens if you drive something older or cheaper? Well, researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University have developed a smartphone-based system that reportedly does the job...Continue Reading Smartphone sy
When World View arrived on the space tourism scene in 2013, it had planned to start sending humans into the stratosphere in balloons in the year 2016. It has fallen a little short of that goal, but all is not lost as 2017 will become the year the private company did send a KFC chicken sandwich to the edge of space. ..Continue Reading KFC chicken headed to the stratosphere in a space balloon C
Home security cameras often come in two distinct flavors – a model designed for indoor use and a weather-ready outdoor version. Logitech's upcoming Circle 2 cam not only gives users the choice of wired or standalone cable-free models, but can also be placed inside or out...Continue Reading Logitech's new security cam keeps watch indoors or outCategory: Around The HomeTags: Cameras
Compact four-wheel drives are everywhere at the moment, and Hyundai isn't willing to be left out. Enter the new Kona, aimed at winning over urban adventurers with a unique new face, raised ride height and plenty of technology...Continue Reading Hyundai targets urban adventurers with compact Kona Category: AutomotiveTags: Hyundai SUV TurboRelated Articles:
We've seen our our fair-share of notable tiny houses, but putting one near an active volcano is definitely a first. Located in Hawaii, the recently-completed Phoenix House sleeps two people and runs off-the-grid with a solar power setup. If the thought of hot lava and ash doesn't scare you off, it's currently available for rent as a vacation home...Continue Reading This tiny house has an acti is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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