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ESA's Rosetta unmanned deep-space probe may have made comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko its final resting place, but researchers are tracing things back to where it all began. Using statistical computer analysis, astronomers Mattia Galiazzo and Paul Wiegert of Western University in Ontario, Canada have reconstructed the orbit of the comet as it's changed over hundreds of thousands of years. The
When Triumph introduced an entirely new Bonneville line up earlier this year, the rumor was that the next model to join it would be a Scrambler. Triumph has taken a different path, though, by announcing the addition of a bobber to the Bonneville mix...Continue Reading Triumph unveils a Bobber in the Bonneville T120 lineCategory: MotorcyclesTags: Triumph Customs
A few years ago, Juliet Marine Systems (JMS) unveiled the Ghost, an angular boat that could actively reduce drag in the water by creating a bubble of gas around its two foils. Now the company has announced plans for the Guardian, a submersible version of the craft designed for both manned and unmanned military operations, on or below the surface...Continue Reading Ghost marine platform takes
Today was a mixed bag for ExoMars 2016. While the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) arrived safely at Mars, contact has been lost with the Schiaparelli lander module. According to ESA, the joint European/Russian TGO carried out a 139-minute engine burn starting at 13:05 GMT today that placed it in an elliptical orbit around the planet. However, mission control in Darmstadt, Germany lost contact with Sc
If you look at the bike lock in the above photo, you'll see that it's black with white stripes. It's no coincidence that that's the same coloration as a skunk. And, just like a skunk, the Skunklock will make a big stink if anyone messes with it...Continue Reading This bike lock stinks – but that's a good thingCategory: BicyclesTags: Indiegogo Lock Deterrent
It was in 2013 that Estonian bicycle designer Indrek Narusk brought us the very unique-looking stainless steel Viks bike. That was followed by the release of the carbon fiber Viks Carbon in 2015. Now, he's announced the aluminum alloy Viks GT – and its design was inspired by Lamborghinis...Continue Reading Eye-catching bike owes its looks to LambosCategory: BicyclesTags: Lamborghi
The rise of virtual reality has created portals to some truly far-out, futuristic worlds, but some are also exploring how the technology can allow us to peer into the past. With the help of drones, Australian archaeologists are creating a virtual replica of the Plain of Jars, an ancient site littered with mysterious stone jars in Laos, so that inquisitive minds can strap on headsets and explo
The continuing miniaturization of electronic devices has allowed sensors previously confined to a laboratory to shrink down to a portable size, with previously bulky equipment now able to fit in a briefcase or even a needle. Now a team from Washington State University (WSU) has developed an inexpensive spectrometer that connects to a smartphone and can spot cancer biomarkers in several sample
Those worried about their personal information leaking over the internet may already fear keystroke logging software, but a new study cautions against typing while Skyping. By analyzing the acoustic signals of key presses, hackers may be able to untangle typed text through the clickety-clack of a keyboard itself, with an alarming accuracy of over 90 percent...Continue Reading Keyboard acousti
When you're one of the world's top symphony orchestras, it's only right that you should play in one of the world's best concert halls. That was the basis upon which MAD Architects worked when designing a new translucent, glowing, lotus-flower-inspired home for the China Philharmonic Orchestra...Continue Reading Glowing concert hall is a symphony of visual and audio designCategory: Architectur is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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