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Last year, we looked into the crystal ball and saw autonomous vehicles like the Navya Arma leading the way to a rather dull near-future where next generation travelers may not even bother learning how to drive. Shuttles have since been rolling from pilot to limited service, pretty much without a hitch. Until now. Officials have revealed that Navya's people carrier was involved in a minor coll
A humanoid robot may have just been granted citizenship status for the first time, but we're still a long way from crossing the uncanny valley to where they blend seamlessly into our society. But apparently fish are easier to fool, since a team from EPFL has successfully integrated a robotic impostor into schools of zebrafish, to the point where the robot could guide the group's behavior...Co
Google Experiments is a showcase of the many creative ways the company's tools and resources can be used. The latest "experiment" to launch is called Voice Experiments, and it offers a variety of fun and interesting ways to play with the voice-controlled Google Assistant, from an automatic meme-generator to a way to compose music using just voice commands...Continue Reading Google Voice Exper
As part of its New Aviation Horizons initiative, NASA is developing a series of new X-planes that include one concept that uses the air flowing along the fuselage to reduce fuel consumption. The Single-aisle Turboelectric AiRCraft with an Aft Boundary-Layer (STARC-ABL) propulsor harvests a jet airliner's boundary layer to provide more thrust with a 10 percent increase in efficiency. ..Continu
A new device called the sKan has won the 2017 international James Dyson Award. The sKan makes heat maps of the skin to identify anomalies associated with melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, to enable earlier detection...Continue Reading Inexpensive skin cancer detector takes out 2017 James Dyson AwardCategory: Good ThinkingTags: Cancer Dyson James Dyson Awards
Last month we finally saw the long-teased American MegaBot versus Japanese Kurata giant robot battle. After the Team MegaBots win, in an arguably unexciting fashion, many viewers complained that the battle felt "staged." People wanted live, unedited giant robot fights, and MegaBots recently gave the people what they asked for...Continue Reading Giant robot brings a pole to a knife fightCatego
After losing 80 percent of his skin to a devastating genetic disease, a seven-year-old boy underwent an experimental treatment replacing his epidermis with new skin grown in a lab from genetically modified stem cells. Two years on from the dramatic surgery the boy is alive, well, and back at school...Continue Reading Full-body, genetically modified skin transplant saves life of boy with rare
BMW's middleweight adventure bikes, the F 700GS and F 800GS have changed very little since their original conception. At the 2017 EICMA Motorcycle Show, BMW unveiled its latest iterations of the F 700GS and F 800GS, the new F 750GS & F 850GS. The bikes are all new from the ground up with a re-designed front end, new frame, updated engine and a suite of electronics...Continue Reading F 750GS a
Are human beings the only animals that will help other members of their species out, even if they don't know them? Not according to Jingzhi Tan, a postdoctoral associate in evolutionary anthropology at Duke University. Working with associate professor Brian Hare, he has observed wild bonobos being nice to bonobos that they don't know...Continue Reading Bonobos are kind to strangers, but why?C
Bacteriophages – aka phages – are viruses that kill bacteria. Unlike antibiotics, they only kill certain types of bacteria instead of all of them, good and bad alike. For some time now, scientists have been looking for a way of incorporating phages into antibacterial food wrap, but it's proven difficult to keep them alive. Now, however, researchers may have found a way...Continue Reading Futu is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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