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Slanted panels maximise display space against the crumbling concrete walls of this Shanghai streetwear shop, while reflective panels create a disorienting experience akin to a hall of mirrors (+ slideshow). (more…)
Thinking outside the (gear) box Ford is scared of the future. It has to figure out how to survive in a time when manually driving your car to work is as archaic as commuting by horse.…
With less than 24 hours left until online registration closes today, July 29th at Midnight UTC, GDC Europe organizers are showcasing a round of conference highlights. ...
Umbrellas never seem to be around when you need them and even if you do have one in hand when the rain starts to fall, they can often be a struggle to put up. The motorized, push button-operated, weather-sensing Haz Umbrella is designed to tackle these issues...Continue Reading Haz umbrella forecasts the weather for youSection: OutdoorsTags: Umbrella Internet of Things
to achieve a stiff and lightweight monocoque frame, the french company vacuum laminated up to 50 layers of white ash with a high modulus resin between each.The post arvak is an outcome of keim’s hunt for cycling soul appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
One of the most underrated aspects of digital photography is the ability to capture metadata with every single snap of the shutter. Not only does the metadata capture the shutter speed, aperture and ISO used, it also captures what lens you were using, what the focal length was and even where it was taken if your camera has GPS capabilities. Sure, on a day-to day level, a ‘micro’ level
Chip makers Micron and Intel have announced a new form of computer memory that promises faster, more reliable storage than current technologies, in a smaller space and at similar prices. The technology could reduce the distinction between memory and storage within computers and provide a faster, more stable way of storing large Raw and video files. Read more
Jutting out of the peak of Kronplatz mountain in Italy's South Tyrol region like a futuristic Bond baddie's lair, the Messner Mountain Museum Corones is classic Zaha Hadid with its curved concrete and striking glazing. Three sections exit the mountain at 2,275 m (7,463 ft) above sea level, but the greater part of the building is actually hidden from view. Here, embedded into the rock, an exhi
the institution, which is now open to the public, explores the discipline of mountain climbing through a unique collection of photographs and items collected by messner during his lifetime as an explorer.The post zaha hadid embeds museum for reinhold messner within alpine summit appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
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